Our Focus


Developing a wide array of RF based solutions to simplify and consolidate networking, communication and wireless systems and to introduce cost saving solutions.


We offer a range of sustainable energy solutions including solar, wind hydro based electrical production, from small to large-scale facilities. To compliment out production system, we offer advanced integrated power storage systems.


Our engineers are constantly striving to improve solar panel performance. High-efficiency photovoltaic solar panel can reach approximately 20% efficiency, or even slightly higher. We aim advance in the near future incrementally archive 30% or ever higher.


Battery technology is finally making strides to improved storage capacities. We work tirelessly to develop improved integrated energy storage, stabilization, as well as smart grid management and distribution solutions.

Project profile:

Residential Energy Storage & Smart Grid Solutions.

Home power production system, be they solar, wind or generator are often touted as “smart grid ready” that can be used as distributed energy resources (DERs) to help create virtual power plants (VPPs). Residential systems also are increasing being used in demand response programs.

Recent developments in the energy market have heralded a new line of home standby generators, and cell solar-plus-battery storage systems that are being manufactured and offered as smart grid ready. It is part of the continuing evolution of an energy landscape increasingly turning to DERs to help balance power load and stabilize the grid.

BY Technology Solution’s expert team is currently developing and fine-tuning an elegant technological innovation to the issue of efficient power management, monitoring and distribution. Through the integration or residential, commercial, industrial and solar production we are now capable of making a major contribution to grid reliability, resilience and sustainability.

Adding DERs to homes and communities is of value to utilities. More electricity generated within a home or neighborhood would mean less electricity transmitted by the utility. This would help deal the need to increase system capacity and save money that would otherwise be spend on rebuilding the grid to meet additional demand.

Despite these challenges, technologies are being developed today to support DER integration in the power grid of the future. One of these is the digital solid-state circuit breaker. Circuit breakers manage the flow of electricity and serve as a critical safety feature, providing protection from faults in the electrical system. Combining this with smart sensor and meter technology enable far more efficient and reliable power management, gibing utilities up to the minute data about power usage behavior down to the resolution of individual households throughout the day.

The future of smart power grids is bright, our vision is to introduce this technology that can be scaled from individual dwellings or businesses up to entire neighborhoods and communities. This will enable utilities access to a decentralized monitoring array, giving a clear and accurate picture of energy usage patterns at all times, leading to a far more efficient allocation of resources and ultimately substantial cost saving.

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