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BY Technology Solutions

At BY Technology Solutions we offer a selection a selection of advanced technological solutions, these include planning and developing RF based technologies, sustainable green energy power production, advanced solar collection technologies, as well as backup, storage and management systems.

We are committed to a carbon-neutral future and develop a range of energy management and storage systems designed to enable integrated power management and a more sustainable power supply. We are committed to a sustainable future and to providing ever more reliable, effective and efficient technological solutions, particularly in the field of power production, storage, distribution and management.


Our Team

The BY Technology Solutions team consist of a crew of highly professional experts includes R&D personal, systems architects, designers, project manager, technologists, energy sector professionals, coders, RF engineers. We have a combined experience of decades in applied research and development and are more than qualified to carry projects through from concept to planning and development and on to prototype testing, market launch and integration.

Whatever your need we are here to provide the solutions.

Our mission

Committed to a sustainable future:
Values and Influence

BY Technology Solutions is dedicated in a sustainable future as the way forward. We engage in projects that have a positive impact, above and beyond their commercial and financial viability.

Our goal is to have a positive financial, social and environmental result, according to our corporate commitment to ESG practices and values. This is a solid obligation that we believe is good business and produce positive results for our investors, for the environment, and for the community at large.